Post Masonry

[post_masonry ids=”914,915,916,917,918,919,920,921,922,923″ width=”460″ height=”9999″ crop=”no” lightbox=”yes” columns=”3″]

[br top=”60″]


[opt title=”ids:” desc=”The image ID’s to pull posts from. Can be entered as a comma separated list.”]default: ”
Value: ‘1,2,3’[/opt]
[opt title=”width:” desc=”The image width.”]default: ‘460’
options: integer[/opt]
[opt title=”height:” desc=”The image height.”]default: ‘9999’
options: integer[/opt]
[opt title=”crop:” desc=”(Optional) Crop the image or not.”]default: ‘no’
options: ‘yes’, ‘no'[/opt]
[opt title=”lightbox:” desc=”(Optional) Show the image with lightbox or not.”]default: ‘yes’
options: ‘yes’, ‘no'[/opt]
[opt title=”columns:” desc=” (Optional) The number of columns.”]default: [red]’3′[/red]
options: ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’[/opt]

[br top=”60″]


[pre][post_masonry ids=”754, 745, 760″ width=”460″ height=”9999″ crop=”no” lightbox=”yes” columns=”3″][/pre]

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